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Hello! Thank you to everyone who purchased my fancomic so far. The positive response I've received has been amazing. However, after coming across some thoughtful discussion I have updated the PDF file with some changes.

^ On the old version of page 5 I tried to soften the 'piggy' nickname to piglet. While in the show this is played off as affectionate and for laughs, even 'piglet' is still essentially a fat joke. I see now that the humor here is mean and doesn't reflect how I wanted Victor and Yuuri's dynamic to be. Now it's gone. I apologize to anyone who I've interrupted their reading experience with this error.

With page 6 this is what happens when you're in the home stretch and you want everything to be done yesterday.

I think the new file is attached to this devlog? If not I've already updated the product page with the new file and it can be downloaded from your purchases page. Please let me know if you encounter any issues.

- okd


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24 days ago

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That's a very mature thing to do. I'm glad that the criticism was constructive enough to implement change. I'll download the new version now :3


Thank you! I'm a fan of this change. :)